Tuesday, April 14, 2009

facing the winter

i'm a bit tired now.. getting sick of all business and troubles around me. my heart is whole and my brain leaves me.
i have so many things to do but i am doing nothing now.
i have so much left to say but i am talking to no one but myself right now..
I gotta face it i guess..
Whether i want it or not..

good luck for the winter, friends.. (and me)
remember it is 5 days left.. hmmm.. then i can sing 'hum dum dee doo' and let my freak out after all..

x o x o


pouring stars said...

You can talk to me, my friend : )

by the way, what winter are we talking about exactly ? We're in tropical country, remember ? Hehe

issye margaretha kamal said...

nice blog and nice stories sist :)

*hope we can be friends .
if you may, you can see and follow mine .
nice to know you