Friday, January 29, 2010

arworks latte

it will be added to my new deviant art account
still have no idea for the new id

Thursday, January 28, 2010

new deviant id

thinking about new id for deviantART. it makes me really confuse. any suggestion for me?
oh btw, thanz for everyone who've added me to their deviant watch, but i'm gonna deactivate my prev account and make a new one. please re add and re fav :). i'll tell ya the id after i get it as soon as possible :)

thanz xx

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


since i heard it for the first time about 2 weeks ago, i can't get enough of it!!
it is original soundtrack of Edison No Haha by Superfly :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

have a nice sunday, D!

not much to tell. i had my cellphone repaired. it's good.. but also not good cos i want a new cellphone. :(
and i went to mall wif my big brother and thought that it wudn't be good cos i prefer go by myself. tapi ternyata nggak juga.. ternyata dia mau diajak ke sana sini milih barang barang yang gue mau, dan mau nunggu gue milih!! it was out of my head karena biasanya dia nggak sabaran..

oh well i found it!! and i waaaaaaaaant it!!

converse still my fav!
i think it's unique
i can't help myself falling in love with unique things

but in the end, i didn't buy them.. i bought these two..

what ya think?
it took 30 minutes to choose them
tapi gue masih pengen yang di ataaaaas!!

tenaaaang.. gue ga gila kok beli sebelah sebelah..
of course i bought 2 pairs.

kaaaan jadi kesel sendiri deh kalo gini.. really craving for the unique one.. but i have no more money left to buy.. F YOU SEE KEY!!

by the way i also bought fedora finally cos i cudn't find any bowler, may be next time i'll find it..

she's not me!! she's a clown!!

ah this is bad.. it seems that i am going to have flu.. daaaaarn.. i refuse to get sick. libur tinggal kurang dari semingguuuuuuuu!!! shuuuuuuu!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


we are really proud of ourself
and we hope the best for our juniors

Saturday, January 23, 2010

feeling guilty




Friday, January 22, 2010

retouching Hongo Kanata

i love crunchyroll
it gives me many great Hongo Kanata photographs. He's really cute!!
this is my most favorite photo

so artistic, i love his expression here!!
he looks like a stone cold but still cute!! aaaaaaaw

i have no idea why i did this. i just wanted to retouch it.. not good i know, but at least i've done what i wanted :)

haaaa~ pardon me, Kanata kun
pardon me, whosoever-photographer-who-took-these

ah! i also found it!!

what do you think?
hihi even a very very handsome cute boy like him can look so silly
but that's not the point anyway, do you realize that it looks like a private photograph?
i mean.. Kanata kun took it by himself!!
really AH-MAZING!!

visit crunchyroll for more! xx :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ohayou gozaimasu

morning bloggers!
i didn't sleep last night. AT ALL. troublesleeping is really annoying.. and it has ruined my night since the 1st day of this holiday. what-the-fuck.

btw, anyone knw the cure of insomnia? i need it to restore my normal life, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

we will not grow old

You and me will be lying side by side
Forever forever
Underneath this adolescent sky
Together together
And you will hold my heart inside your hand
And You'll be the one, the one to tell me

Oh, we've got a long, long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh, if there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old

You made me swear that our hearts will never die
No never, no never
Cause no one seems to believe that we can fly
Forget them, forget them
Oh, you told me

Oh, we've got a long, long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh, if there's one thing that we know
It's that we will not grow old

Oh, how could we know that day, it came with age
That oh, the feeling would fade...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

craving for a new cellphone

DoCoMo SH-08A

can i have the white one? i want i want i waaaaaaant..

Monday, January 18, 2010

yotsuba &! + azumanga daioh = LOL

ini versi aslinya

opening azumanga daioh versi Yotsuba &!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i got tumblr!!

actually it's been more than a week ago, tapi baru gue utak atik sekarang.
it's good anyway, easier than blogspot, but blogspot still my fav! hehe
so check my tumblr out.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

hello high school!

feels like i find my way back to high school today :)
i met my high school friends, attended CGTS meeting then went to Pizza Hut near my high school wiff Uchie, Diani, and Inong.
uwaaaaaaaaah i can't say how much i miss a moment like this..

taaa daaa.. kinda had a flashback. haha

we do love camera. always! :)

we got puddle balloon. actually it was Uchie's and Diani's

thank you everyone
今日 は 楽しかった! :)

it's my life, and it's mine!

yeah! i'm telling u for sure, NO ONE can force me to do what i don't want to do!
cos i am the queen of my life, and it is not yours!

NO ONE need to tell me what i should say!
cos i know exactly what i want to say even it is not what u want to hear!
I WARN YOU, you are no one here!!

in my life, only GOD and me who can control its whole drama!

you have yours, so why don't you try to organize it before u put your hands on mine??

sorry, but i don't need your help.
apologize, but i don't need your advice.
so why don't cha just go with your sshuuu?
fck you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

50 questions about what kind of guy i like

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?

Kanata Hongo look-a-like. wooooooo!

2. Smart?


3. Preferred age?

+ 2 or 3 years older than me may beeeh

4. Preferred height?

+ more than 175 cms

5. How about sense of humor?

+ he MUST have a good sense of humor

6. How about piercings?

+ NO!! hell.. boy who has piercings is looked like sissy. hiiiiih

7. Accepts you for who you are?

+ YEP!!

8. Pink hair?

+ noooooooooooooo

9. Mushy or no?

+ depends

10. Thin or fat?

+ i want average

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?

+ white

12. Long hair or short hair?

+ not long but not short too (harajuku hairstyle)

13. Plastic or metal?

+ what does it mean?

14. Smells good?

+ YEP!

15. Smoker?

+ NO!

16. Drinker?


17. Girl/Boy next door type?

+ ergh.. may be it's not bad..

18. Muscular?

+ em.. pokoknya jangan sampe ky ade rai. haha

19. Plays piano?

+ it is not a must. but i love to have a bf that can plays piano :)

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?

+ it is a must!! :D

21. Plays violin?

+ wowwwwww give me give me give me that guy!!!

22. Sings very good?

+ at least he must have good voice.. *melting*

23. Vain?

+ i guess.. NO

24. With glasses?

+ emm.. depends

25. With braces?

+ no no no.. ga enak buat *biiiiiiip* haha

26. Shy type?

+ aw aw CUTE!

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?

+ both!! x3~

28. Active or passive?


29. Tight or bomb?

+ depends

30. Singer or dancer?

+ SINGER! i don't want my bf-wanna-be ngondek

31. stunner?

+ in order to protect me? i guess that's O.K. :D

32. Hiphop?

+ NO

33. Earrings?

+ NO

34. Mr/Ms. count my ex girlfriends/ boyfriends until you drop

+ NO

35. Dimples?


36. Bookworm?

+ that's good, but please not NERD

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?

+ sweet!

38. Playful?

+ err..

39. Flirt?

+ ergh..

40. Poem writer?

+ no! i don't really like poem, so 70s

41. Serious?

+ he MUST be serious in our relationship

43. Painter?
+ it's not a must

44. Religious?

+ yep.. tapi jangan ekstrim..

45. Someone who likes to tease people

+ no!

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?


47. Speaks 20 languages?
+ yep beybeeeh!! but it is not a must. at least his english must be good

48. Loyal or faithful?

+ both

49. good kisser?
+ emmmm.. YEP!! haha

50. loves children??

+ it's a must :D

oh teddy teddy

teddy's rhyme by ditchan

oh teddy teddy please stay with me
i have nobody but you

oh teddy teddy i won't let the girl beside me take you away

so don't worry, okay?
but why does she look like me?

all of the images above were taken by inong
and edited by me

Friday, January 8, 2010

what if

jadi gini.. gue udah tau total IPK gue sekarang. bagus banget. hehe. ga nyangka bisa dapet segitu. tp gue ga tau harus gimana soal student exchange itu. what if i can't get it? soalnya gue bisa nebak kalo temen gue ada yang dapet IPK sempurna 4,00.
ah nggak tau.. percuma aja.. gue nggak bisa ngejelasin ke orang orang kalo gue bukannya nggak bersyukur dapet IPK segitu dan masih manyun. there is something they don't know. and it doesn't matter for me what they think about me.. toh cm gue yang tau alesannya knp segitu sedihnya gue gara gara nilai B+ yang bikin semuanya berantakan. toh cm gue yang tau what i am struggling for. ya kecuali yang udah baca baca post gue, mungkin bisa ngerti.........................................................

All those years I watched "BLUES CLUES" I didn't know Blue was a GIRL

Thursday, January 7, 2010

another rainy day

another rainy day
we stood the whole lonely day
you wrote a ballad
we dined on oysters and champagne
that’s it seemed like we connect in so many ways..

i don't give up, i just emm..

shock liat ip sementara gue yang turun gara gara mitologi yunani. rasanya gue mau ngamuk. marah marah sama dosen gue. tapi gue pikir pikir lagi, mungkin gue yang salah setengah hati ngikutin mata kuliah itu. dan gue yang kurang giat belajar, berdoa kalo ada maunya aja. ini teguran. gue yang salah jadi gue ditegur. hehe..
gue jadi agak pesimis buat dapet student exchange. tapi boleh kan berharap. dapet alhamdulillah, nggak dapet juga ga papa. sekarang gue ga terlalu ngarep ko.. gue berpasrah diri. kalo emang belom waktunya gue pergi ke jepang, Allah punya rencana lain untuk gue. Allah ngasih apa yang kita butuhkan bukan apa yang kita harapkan. ya kan?
so i don't give up, i just try to let everything flows naturally.. seperti yang digariskan Allah untuk gue. gue belajar ikhlas..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay. I’m back to write.
Judulnya envy. Ahaha. So I think u can read what’s on my mind just by see the title, right?

Gue nulis post ini hampir tengah malem. Yeah. I need someone to talk to but I have no one to listen, so I write. Yep! I love blog. It really works in a situation like this.
So I’ll start. Gue baru aja tau beberapa nilai gue dari universitas. Ada 3 yang udah keluar. Sisanya tinggal 2. Dan yang 3 itu bisa dibilang bagus banget untuk ukuran otak gue yang gedenya average. Hehe. Mom and Dad are so proud of me. I’ve told them not to be so happy, cos it is not the final score. Tapi tetep aja mereka seneng banget.. ngeliat mereka seneng begitu, gue juga ikut seneng, tapi sedih juga..

Jadi gini, di jurusan gue ada program student exchange ke Jepang, syaratnya : nilai bahasa jepang harus A. Alhamdulillah gue A. tapi kan di jurusan gue ga mungkin cuma 1 atau 2 orang aja yang dapet A, jadi diliat dari IP juga. Tapi karena IP sementara gue sangat memuaskan, nyokap dan bokap gue berharap gue bisa dapet student exchange itu. At least, I know they hope. Yang paling sedih pas bokap gue bilang gini : “Dit, kalo nanti kamu bisa pergi ke Jepang bapak mah ga minta macem macem, bapak cuma mau minta dibeliin alat pancing dari Jepang..”. gimana gue ga pengen nangis dengernya.. setelah apa yang bokap gue berikan ke gue yang ga bakal bisa gue bales meski kerja rodi seumur hidup gue, dia cuma minta alat pancing kalo gue bisa ke jepang. Betapa dia ga pamrih.. betapa dia sayang sama gue..
*hobi bokap gue emang mancing

Terus gue bilang ke nyokap : “Bu, kalo dita ga bisa dapetin student exchange ke jepang gimana? Gapapa kan ya?”. Dan nyokap gue ngejawab : “gapapa, kan bisa nyari nyari pas S2.. bapak ama ibu juga nggak mengharuskan..”.
Gue tambah pengen nangis. Gue tau buat nguliahin gue itu ga gampang buat mereka. Duit itu ga jatoh dari langit meeeen, nor grows up on tree! Dan keluarga gue ga kaya meskipun ga miskin juga. Tapi pasti berat banget nanggung biaya kuliah gue, kos, jajan, makan, ongkos pulang ke tangerang. Ya Allah.. gue baru sadar betapa gue berhutang sangat banyak ama mereka dan mereka nggak pernah memaksa gue untuk berbuat sesuatu yang mungkin gue ga suka atau ga bisa. But I know, and always know that they always keep their wishful thinking : ngeliat gue sukses, bikin mereka bangga!
gue terus kepikiran omongan bokap gue tentang alat pancing dari jepang. Gue pengeeeeen banget cepet cepet bisa beliin alat pancing itu. Gue pengen pengorbanan mereka buat gue selama ini ga sia sia. I must prove that I am a BIG thing!! Jadi seenggaknya meskipun nggak biasa ngebayar ‘hutang-hutang’ gue full ke mereka. At least I want to grant their wish..

Gue bener bener khawatir sama dua nilai gue yang belom keluar.. gue takut dua nilai itu menghancurkan semuanya.. GAH! Gue ga bisa tidur.. kalo gue boleh jujur, misalnya pun gue ga dapet kesempatan buat student exchange itu, gue ga akan kecewa karena gue ga bisa pergi ke Jepang kok (yah meskipun ada lah rasa sedikit kecewa untuk itu). Tapi yang akan menjadi kekecewaan terbesar gue adalah bahwa gue ga bisa memenuhi harapan kedua orang tua gue..

Kadang gue suka iri sama orang orang yang sejak kecil punya kesempatan buat mingle sama dunia internasional. I envy.. deep inside my heart.. I’m jealous.. tapi gue pikir pikir lagi selama ini Allah udah terlalu baik sama gue.. gue selalu dikasih jalan buat bikin kedua orang tua gue bangga, seperti dengan mudahnya DIA memasukkan gue ke universitas gue yang sekarang. So I have no reason to jealous anymore, to envy.. Yang harus gue lakukan sekarang adalah bersyukur dan berdoa banyak banyak supaya Allah menolong gue lagi kali ini. Allah nggak pernah tidur, jadi gue yakin Allah is reading while I’m writing this post. Saat gue ga bisa cerita ke orang orang karena ga ada yang denger ataupun gue ga berani cerita, hanya DIA yang mendengar. Dan blog gue yang jadi saksi.. hehe.. apa sih..
Bloggers, and anyone who read.. please wish me luck for what I’m struggling for.. suatu hari nanti gue akan pulang dari negeri sakura dan membawa alat pancing buat bokap gue :)

Thanks Allah, Mom and Dad, and bloggers dear.. keep wishing, keep dreaming. It will be come true someday..