Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My most favorite blog :

Ok.. i wanna share about a blog i love the most :D
It's belong to one of my close friends, inong :). One word to describe it : OUTRAGEOUS!!
She has a special talent in words i think.. I never get bored to read what she wrote (again and again). She has a damn extraordinary link between her mind and her fingers!! XD
It's a simple but fabulous blog. Easy reading!!

Inong yang pinter banget bahasa inggris, selalu pake kata2 keren dalam bahasa inggris yang membantu banget buat nambah kosakata bahasa inggris :)
Sebagian besar isi blog ini tentang pemikiran2 spontan dia tentang sesuatu yang ajaibnya bakal bikin lo ngerasa "Wow i do think so!! But she has described it exactly and much mooore better than meee! How could she be such a genious writer??"
i loveeee her random thoughts! Bener2 mudah dimengerti. Nggak ribet! Sayangnya inong sendiri sering nggak ngerasa kalo pemikirannya itu sangat sangat menarik dan lebih menyukai tipe2 mindset anak HI.
Buka aja blognya! You'll be a fan of her :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

What does DITCHY mean?

Do you remember that i used to use D-I-T-C-H-Y as my nickname and the title of this blog? One day, egiet came to me and started a chat.

egiet : ''lo tau nggak apa arti ditchy?''
gue : ''mmm..'' (mikir)
egiet : ''it means comberan''
gue : (mangap beberapa saat) ''SERIUS??!''
egiet : ''he eh''
gue : ''tapi itu kan merk baju lucu2 gitu.. gue pernah baca kok ada OL Shop yang namanya ditchy juga..'' (ngeles)
egiet : ''itu mah gitchy kali.. that's me.. :D''

Gue baru tau ditchy artinya comberan. it was shocking! really! tapi kalo 'ditch' sepertinya emang artinya comberan.. tapi apa 'ditchy' juga berarti comberan??
oh GOD!! ditchy ditchy ditchy. it sounds cute, doesn't it? tapi kok artinya nggak banget ya? well.. mulai sekarang jangan panggil gue 'ditchy'! K?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fingers & Unspoken words

I love writing. I use my fingers to show my mind. I think spoken words are confusing. When i talk to somebody, i usually get worry of my words. I'm afraid to get wrong. Spoken words can not be erased. So when i talk to someone, face to face, i use my brain very hard. Especially when i talk to someone smarter than me It makes me look silly.
That's why i love written words much more than spoken words. It can be erased everytime you doing wrong, and you won't look silly because people can't see your face while you're 'talking'.
I love my fingers!!