Sunday, December 27, 2009

a good mind writer

i used to write on my blog just for fun, so i have something to do in my spare time. yeah i used to.. but now i realize even i just write for myself, some ppl out there may do a blogwalking someday and read what i've written here, or see the images i've uploaded.
so i don't want them to be not worth things to see or read.
i want to be a good mind-writer.. okay, for me a blogger is not just an ordinary writer. a blogger is a mind-writer. bloggers spill out their thoughts. even they just write about their daily activities they'll spill their thoughts and their feels automatically. thoughts and feels are parts of mind, so i think that blogger equals a mind writer..
i just really wish that what i've written here cud motivate anyone who read, or at least made them happy. i'll learn how to do that. wish me luck.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


what is tumblr anyway? itu hampir sama ky blog kan?
gue sempet terpikir untuk punya deh.. tapi gue pikir buat apa juga punya blog ampe dua gitu.. ky bisa ngurusnya aja.. apalagi kan gue orangnya angot angotan. ahaha
btw btw, gue baca baca postingan gue yang lama lama nih.. sumpah bodoh abis.
pengen ngerapiin blog ini. tapi males.. haha

eh balik ke topik, soal tumblr nih.. ada yang bisa jelasin ke gue apa kelebihannya? soalnya gue liat beberapa tumblr orang ya sama aja ky blog. so what's so special about it maaan? kasi tau gueee

Friday, December 25, 2009

happy birthday, lil brudda :)

yo yooooo. today's December 25th. Happy xmas for u who celebrate, and happy birthday to my lil' brudda :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

my note on FB

can't see it clearly?

nih isinya :

my big apologize to all of u guys who don't like me cos my style is kinda weird for u.. or my photographs are pretty annoying. everybody has a different point of view and a right to speak.

so i just want to say that i really regret if any or all of my pictures disturbing you.
i know, you know, we see. not everyone is so in to Harajuku style. but i am!! and it's my right to dressed up as i want. yaaaa selama gue ga minta modal ama lu so please just SHUT UP!!
please look at me as the way i am!!
at least, if u don't like my style.. please just keep silent..

so start from now, please stop writing on my wall if all u wanna write is just mocking at my style!!
please stop chat me if all u wanna say is just telling me how strange i am..

i know i am strange but WHAT-ARE-YOU?

it's okay if u think that i am one of what u call A to the LAY

but just FOR YOUR INFORMATION!!! even Gwen Stefanie and Avril Lavigne are so in to Harajuku

so if u don't like my style and u can't keep ur unlikeness for urself, do not say anything and JUST DELETE ME FROM YOUR FRIENDS LIST

P.S. : i am getting sick of being underestimated

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i am back bloggers!! almost crazy cos my new life as a college student is rly hard to live.
so it's not easy for me to stay in tune and constantly write on my blog.
so i apologize..

now i am free for a while. libur ampe awal februari coooooy..

btw, wanna share my feeling about college life :


gue ga suka ama dosen gue, kadang ga nyaman ama temen temen baru gue, dan pelajarannya nyekek leher.. i am so fucked up beyebeeeeeh. hell yeah..