Thursday, December 24, 2009

my note on FB

can't see it clearly?

nih isinya :

my big apologize to all of u guys who don't like me cos my style is kinda weird for u.. or my photographs are pretty annoying. everybody has a different point of view and a right to speak.

so i just want to say that i really regret if any or all of my pictures disturbing you.
i know, you know, we see. not everyone is so in to Harajuku style. but i am!! and it's my right to dressed up as i want. yaaaa selama gue ga minta modal ama lu so please just SHUT UP!!
please look at me as the way i am!!
at least, if u don't like my style.. please just keep silent..

so start from now, please stop writing on my wall if all u wanna write is just mocking at my style!!
please stop chat me if all u wanna say is just telling me how strange i am..

i know i am strange but WHAT-ARE-YOU?

it's okay if u think that i am one of what u call A to the LAY

but just FOR YOUR INFORMATION!!! even Gwen Stefanie and Avril Lavigne are so in to Harajuku

so if u don't like my style and u can't keep ur unlikeness for urself, do not say anything and JUST DELETE ME FROM YOUR FRIENDS LIST

P.S. : i am getting sick of being underestimated

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