Sunday, December 27, 2009

a good mind writer

i used to write on my blog just for fun, so i have something to do in my spare time. yeah i used to.. but now i realize even i just write for myself, some ppl out there may do a blogwalking someday and read what i've written here, or see the images i've uploaded.
so i don't want them to be not worth things to see or read.
i want to be a good mind-writer.. okay, for me a blogger is not just an ordinary writer. a blogger is a mind-writer. bloggers spill out their thoughts. even they just write about their daily activities they'll spill their thoughts and their feels automatically. thoughts and feels are parts of mind, so i think that blogger equals a mind writer..
i just really wish that what i've written here cud motivate anyone who read, or at least made them happy. i'll learn how to do that. wish me luck.

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