Monday, January 25, 2010

have a nice sunday, D!

not much to tell. i had my cellphone repaired. it's good.. but also not good cos i want a new cellphone. :(
and i went to mall wif my big brother and thought that it wudn't be good cos i prefer go by myself. tapi ternyata nggak juga.. ternyata dia mau diajak ke sana sini milih barang barang yang gue mau, dan mau nunggu gue milih!! it was out of my head karena biasanya dia nggak sabaran..

oh well i found it!! and i waaaaaaaaant it!!

converse still my fav!
i think it's unique
i can't help myself falling in love with unique things

but in the end, i didn't buy them.. i bought these two..

what ya think?
it took 30 minutes to choose them
tapi gue masih pengen yang di ataaaaas!!

tenaaaang.. gue ga gila kok beli sebelah sebelah..
of course i bought 2 pairs.

kaaaan jadi kesel sendiri deh kalo gini.. really craving for the unique one.. but i have no more money left to buy.. F YOU SEE KEY!!

by the way i also bought fedora finally cos i cudn't find any bowler, may be next time i'll find it..

she's not me!! she's a clown!!

ah this is bad.. it seems that i am going to have flu.. daaaaarn.. i refuse to get sick. libur tinggal kurang dari semingguuuuuuuu!!! shuuuuuuu!!

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