Friday, January 22, 2010

retouching Hongo Kanata

i love crunchyroll
it gives me many great Hongo Kanata photographs. He's really cute!!
this is my most favorite photo

so artistic, i love his expression here!!
he looks like a stone cold but still cute!! aaaaaaaw

i have no idea why i did this. i just wanted to retouch it.. not good i know, but at least i've done what i wanted :)

haaaa~ pardon me, Kanata kun
pardon me, whosoever-photographer-who-took-these

ah! i also found it!!

what do you think?
hihi even a very very handsome cute boy like him can look so silly
but that's not the point anyway, do you realize that it looks like a private photograph?
i mean.. Kanata kun took it by himself!!
really AH-MAZING!!

visit crunchyroll for more! xx :)

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