Sunday, January 16, 2011


You guys probably want to know what I've done when i was away from blogspot. Haha am i over confident? Well whatever, I just wanna share something.. I am now a freelance illustrator for BRAIN creative-visual. Isn't that cool? ROFL, naaaaw, don't take it serious. But I'm so excited that i got this freelance job finally. So lately, I've been busy drawing some designs for BRAIN and do brainstorming more often.


the process of making

I am not a smooth talker. I don't even know how to start a good conversation with my mind.

i named him "DIDO"

YELP! I lose my BRAIN!

So they're all kind of conceptual doodles except for the 2nd doodle. If you don't get the concept, just ask me then. I'll be glad to explain.

And as i write before, i also do brainstorming more often lately.

Here are some of my "brainstorming things"

Fall to pieces

Somebody tell me what am I?


It means “reaching you” in English.

Ah anyway, just in case you don't know "I post my artworks here" doesn't mean "You can copy and paste". You may save my doodles just for private collection and you may not redistribute them anywhere. Thank you for understanding :)

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