Thursday, March 10, 2011

blame it on twitter

so this is my personal blog, and so is twitter. so what's the difference? i think twitter is a blog in a micro version, nothing's different. and since it's mine, i'm free to write anything i want there even if it's the harsh one. but everytime i write something harsh on twitter, people will suddenly blame me out and act like they're all the wisest human being alive! hell, you guys are hypocrite! you just don't want to admit it.
i often see my followers who are also my followings, tweet trashes. i don't like it, but i just try to respect them. well yeah. why don't people try to not give a shit to everything others write on the internet? nuh uh.. it's my life. remember when you talk about it, you've never been here. YOU'VE NEVER BEEN IN MY POSITION! and FYI, there's the phrase i hate the most. it's : "i understand how's your feeling, but.."
HELL to the NAH! you'll never understand, so don't try to!

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