Friday, June 18, 2010

random thoughts. i'm gonna vomit.

  • i miss everything i had in the past. everybody does, so do i.

  • i hate copy cat. indeed.

  • i don't have any idea of what's going on in my life recently. i just live it without feel it. i'm in between. yeah if you know what i mean.

  • some of my friends are dull, they make my life even worse.

  • the life i'm living now is no longer comfortable. i'm longing for my high school friends. they hear, they don't judge. it's not easy for me understanding my college friends. it's difficult to distinguish friends and foes.

  • i can do whatever i want on my social networkings.

  • okay.. my head aches almost everyday.

  • there is a thick line between beautiful and beautifool. do you get it?

  • everything happens for a reason. i hope that it's true.

  • fuck. i don't know what to do.

  • my college friends are actually kind. it's just their ego that makes them complicated and annoying sometimes.

  • time goes so slow when you're not happy, and goes very fast when you're at your best.

  • i hate some of my friends.

  • i miss my socialite, i miss being surrounded by warm-hearted-people that won't complain for how emotional i am, or for every drama happened in my life.. oh hell i need to hang on a lil bit longer.. just a lil bit longer..

  • i hope my body was higher..

  • i'm gonna make that camera mine before i must go back to get-a-boring-life.

  • oh, how are you PORTFOLIO?

  • i can't believe i'm gonna write this.. i'm longing for his voice around me.
P.S. : there's no relation between one point to others.

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